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Y.I.C. Technologies product family provides board level design teams with world-leading fast, very-near-field magnetic data to help diagnose EMC design issues. The Scanner product line consists of the EMScanner (high-frequency scanner) and the EMScannerR (high-resolution scanner).

These instruments capture and display visual images of spectral and spatial scan results in seconds. This allows the design team to immediately analyze and compare design iterations. PCB designers can scan any board to identify both constant and time-based emission sources in the range of 150 kHz to 8 GHz.

The EMProbe enables the PCB and Design Engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems using regular off the shelf hand held probes. An easy to use Robotic Arm controls the movement of the probe to any direction and an external Spectrum Analyzer provides the results. The EMViewer software is used to control the Robotic Arm and the external Spectrum Analyzer collects and analyze the results.

Spectrum Analyzers

Y.I.C. Technologies products are compatible with the most Spectrum Analyzers.

If you do not have a Spectrum Analyzer and wish to purchase one, please get in touch with us as we have secured relationships with leading test & measurement companies to ensure competitive prices.  You are able to purchase a Spectrum Analyzer direct from Y.I.C. Technologies.



The instrument provides spatial and spectral scans that allow design teams to cut one to two design cycles out of their product development process. It also reduces their EMI testing time by up to two orders of magnitude.
The design team conducted the scans on the EMxpert system in their offices. In a matter of minutes, they obtained the results. Testing the design in a third party chamber would have have been weeks away