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Reliable pre-compliance testing solutions for electromagnetic certification


Carry out accurate high-resolution EMC & EMI testing directly from your lab bench. Our Scanners include the EMScanner (High-frequency) & EMScannerR (High-resolution) and are invaluable tools for any product undergoing EMC pre-compliance testing.

Near Field Probes

Probe precision tracking ensures accurate identification of electromagnetic radiation sources. The Near Field Probe series is an affordable but reliable alternative to laboratory testing.


Accurate and repeatable high-resolution EMC & EMI diagnostic with hand-held near-field probes via 3D precision technology.

Near Field Set

Rapid hand-held scanning probes designed to identify near-field emissions for troubleshooting & pre-compliance testing of EMC/EMI.


Real-time diagnostic self-contained very-near-field scanning device suitable for early-stage testing of electromagnetic design issues.


High resolution and highspeed solution suitable for pre & post-compliance electromagnetic testing.


Integrated software compatible with Near Field Probe series & EM product range, different subscription lengths available.

Near Field Kit

Complete portable scanning solution with Near Field Probe set and testing equipment & software.

Multi Unit Solution

Provide scanning capabilities for large DUTS onsite and in-house.

Spectrum Analyzers

Y.I.C. Technologies products are compatible with most Spectrum Analyzers.

If you do not have a Spectrum Analyzer and wish to purchase one, please get in touch with us as we have secured relationships with leading test & measurement companies to ensure competitive prices.  You are also able to purchase a Spectrum Analyzer directly from Y.I.C. Technologies. Click below to enquire further.