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Education & Training


We have an EDUKit available to assist professors to demonstrate the importance of EMC/EMI pre-compliance and how easy it is to solve.

EDUKit Includes the following:

  • Five EMI/EMC demo boards (specially designed for education)
  • 10 Experiments – 9 EMI and 1 NFC
  • Manual for Demo Board and experiment explanations
  • Slides for the professor with theoretical background material from Prof. Arturo Mediano, University of Zaragoza, Spain.
  • Cables and accessories
  • For Lab Bundle customers we also offer the following:
    Discount for additional PC boards
    Discount for training courses
    Technical support

Education Bundles

The EMScanner/EMProbe/NFPKit is perfect equipment to support EMI/EMC education. It is a family of EMI/EMC measurement tools to diagnose and debug PCB designs. You can test PCBs in real-time on a lab bench-top, from 150kHz to 8GHz. Its compact size and unrivalled speed enable live demonstration in the classroom.

We also have bundles available that includes spectrum analyzers.  

All bundles includes the EDUKit



    Intensive course in EMI/EMC Design Understanding with Near-Field Scanning

    This an excellent and practical one-day course ideal for designers & manufacturers. Discover the fundamentals of practical EMI/EMC design and troubleshooting of electronic circuits. Investigate the powerful design and troubleshooting, techniques, and tools that allow you to “see” and “feel” your problems.

    The fundamentals of EMI/EMC problems are explained in a digestible & sustainable way.

    Course Overview

    • EMI/EMC fundamentals
    • EMI sources/victims
    • Radiated and conducted emission/immunity
    • Control of current path: DM vs CM
    • Voltage and current measurements
    • Electric and magnetic measurements
    • Technics to find culprits and victims
    • Analysis and troubleshooting with the near-field scanner
    • Spectral scan and spatial scan
    • Examples and demos

    EMI/EMC Courses



    Prof. Arturo Mediano
    University of Zaragoza

    6 + 14 =