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Secrets of EMI/EMC Design and Troubleshooting with Near-Field Scanning

Intensive course in EMI/EMC Design Understanding with Near-Field Scanning

This an excellent and practical one-day course ideal for designers & manufacturers. Discover the fundamentals of practical EMI/EMC design and troubleshooting of electronic circuits. Investigate the powerful design and troubleshooting, techniques, and tools that allow you to “see” and “feel” your problems.

The fundamentals of EMI/EMC problems are explained in a digestible & sustainable way.

Course Overview

  • EMI/EMC fundamentals
  • EMI sources/victims
  • Radiated and conducted emission/immunity
  • Control of current path: DM vs CM
  • Voltage and current measurements
  • Electric and magnetic measurements
  • Technics to find culprits and victims
  • Analysis and troubleshooting with the near-field scanner
  • Spectral scan and spatial scan
  • Examples and demos

EMI/EMC Courses



Prof. Arturo Mediano
University of Zaragoza

9 + 3 =


We also have an Edu-Kit available to assist professors to demonstrate the importance of EMC/EMI pre-compliance and how easy it is to solve.

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20th March 2023 @ 11 am GMT

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21st March 2023 @ 9 am GMT

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