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NFP Kit | Y.I.C. Technologies ltd


NFP H-Field Probe Kit

Live tracking: A Rapid Handheld Probe Scanning Solution

NFP Kit designed by Y.I.C. Technologies is designed for measuring near field emissions for EMC/EMI Troubleshooting and Pre-Compliance testing.

These probes is used to locate, identify, measure, and characterize potential sources of electromagnetic radiation.  Interference radiated from traces or components of electronic PCBs, assemblies, cables, enclosures, or products can also be located. The probe output is proportional to the magnetic field (H) strength present at the probe location.


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Ideal PCB projects for EMScanner are boards designed for high speed, high power, and/or high density/complexity. Any PCB that places a premium on board real-estate also qualifies as an excellent candidate. The compact, flat scanner provides PCB design teams with an easy-to-use, costeffective, and proven tabletop solution. Emission, immunity, filtering, EMI shielding, broadband noise and Common Mode testing are some of the applications that the EMScanner system addresses in mere seconds.

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Y.I.C. Technologies products are compatible with most mainstream Spectrum Analyzers.  However, if you with to purchase a Spectrum Analyzer, please get in touch.


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Product Features

  • Fully integrated with Y.I.C. Technologies EMViewer software and EMProbe
  • Normalization and correction when using the EMViewer software
  • Flat response within the range of operation
  • Slim Design and Protective Coating
  • 18GHz Measured Cable included


EMC/EMI Pre-Compliance Magnetic Near-Field Measurements

  • Magnetic Near Field Mapping
  • Magnetic Immunity Testing



The instrument provides spatial and spectral scans that allow design teams to cut one to two design cycles out of their product development process. It also reduces their EMI testing time by up to two orders of magnitude.
The design team conducted the scans on the EMxpert system in their offices. In a matter of minutes, they obtained the results. Testing the design in a third party chamber would have have been weeks away