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Training Required - EMViewer & NEW NFPKit Solution

Please select the most suitable date and time to join our online training session for the EMViewer 2.0 & New NFPKit.

We will discuss the sales presentation, new pricing & supporting documentation.  Live demonstration to show the new software EMViewer 2.0 and the improvements of the solutions.

Please join, as ALL PARTNERS will need to complete the training to be able to promote and sell this solution.


Click on the link below to register:


Tuesday 24th October @ 9am BST

Tuesday 24th October @ 2pm BST

Wednesday 25th October @ 10am BST

Wednesday 25th October @ 3pm BST

Thursday 26th October @ 11am BST

Thursday 26th October @ 4pm BST


All Training Sessions will be 1 hr with Q&A


See it in action

Minimal set-up time

Reliable results

Affordable pricepoint

NEW PRICING will be released during training!

A Rapid Handheld Probe Scanning Solution

Diagnose the issue, change the design, retest instantly.